Dr. Yu is an exceptionally skilled surgeon.

I gave him the nickname “Ace” several years ago

after one of my surgeries.


– Marie T.

I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years. I have knowledge and experience with regards to selecting a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon that operates out of a AAAA Operating Room (note – Triple AAA is NOT the same as four AAAA in many vital aspects).

Upon meeting Dr. Yu and his staff, I was not surprised that it was all that I expected. He answered all my questions and thoroughly explained my options and possible complications.

I scheduled and went through with my surgery with Dr. Yu and I am very pleased with my results.

– Rosie P.

I appreciated the honesty Dr. Leonard Yu brought to our consultation. Very authentic. He addressed my fears and concerns and later Nurse Jamie clarified even more of my questions. I was a “nervous Nelly” because surgery is still surgery.

Stepping into that Maui office felt like stepping into a sanctuary of care and expertise. Post-surgery, Dr. Yu and the staff at Maui Plastic Surgery monitored my progress for a smooth recovery.  Highly recommend!   -Joyce P. 

I say thank you Doctor Yu and staff!

My face looks like I did when I was 45; I am 62.

Maui is so lucky to have a plastic surgeon of his caliber. No wonder why everyone goes to him. He’s also very calm and thoughtful.

– Jessica H

All I can say is natural results and quick recovery. I was surprised by the natural look of my eyelid surgery.

I look so refreshed!!!

I was looking really exhausted for years and was tired of people asking me if I was alright!

Wish I did it sooner!

– Donna S.

Amazing job had old implants taken out and replaced with smaller size, had a lot of scar tissue he removed and he did a full capsulectomy.
Was nervous about it but I have no regrets he did an amazing job and would highly recommend him.  He spent a lot of time explaining the pros and cons and ansering my questions.                  
Want to go back for some different work in the next year and have no hesitation.

-Christina V.

Christina V.

Dr. Yu didn’t just restore my confidence; he transformed my life. For years, I carried self-consciousness, and with his expertise, that weight lifted.  

I live part-time in LA and even though it’s plastic surgery land there, I chose Dr. Yu for a few reasons. His credentials are first-class and actually pricing was fair, plus Maui is a paradise! I thought ‘What better place than Maui to have a transformation lol?”

I had breast implant removal and replacement and Dr. Yu is known as the one of the best plastic surgeons in Hawaii, especially for this particular surgery. They look and feel great and I don’t cover them up anymore like I did the last several years due to some issues.

Dr. Yu is an artist!   – Sandra H.

– Sandra T.

I had some issues with my breast surgery that Dr. Yu had to do a revision on. The revision healed beautifully and everything turned out like he said. He said sometimes a revision is necessary – every body responds differently and I think I should not have been that active a couple weeks after surgery, especially raising my arms for gardening. I was so nervous but they healed beautifully, look and feel so natural. I just love my new breasts!! So does my fiancee lol.

-Sonia B.

Dr. Yu is a rock star!  Highly recommended. – Ralph T.

Dr. Yu fixed my “man boobs”, which got more embarrassing every year. I wish I didn’t wait so long to do it. Guess better late than never! He’s very professional and good. Staff too.

– Mike R.

Dr. Yu is an artist!  He’s got all the right stuff. Very non-assuming and low-key. He’s not going to jump around and make grand gestures. His work is really good.

Had a breast lift a few years ago that came out amazingly beautiful and not saggy looking anymore!

Last year had a full face lift and I feel and look like Me but at the same time, I feel like a new woman. It’s so hard to describe. I trust Dr. Yu and his staff. Great reputation for a reason – they’re that good!      

One last tip – do the optional stay-over your first night with Nurse Jamie. My husband was very grateful that he didn’t have to worry the first night!

– Claudia S.

Dr. Yu and his staff are outstanding! He removed the luggage under my eyes and has done away with the constant tired look on my face. Surgery was painless and the results were wonderful! Thank you Dr. Yu for the great work!  

–  Mele S.

Was tired of looking tired

Had a full face and neck lift 

My wife said I didn’t need it but am glad I did  

Funny thing – it put some spring in my step in other parts of my life 

– Jim R.

Had upper and lower eyelid surgery plus right eyebrow lift. I looked like Quasimoto before seeing Dr. Yu. Nice support staff too! I’ve lived on Maui 30 years, and known many people whove gone to Dr. Yu. So glad I finally went as well. 

-Kathryn K.

During my conversations with Dr. Yu, I could sense his surgical artistry at work – he really listens and thinks about what bothers you. He also looks at your entire face as a whole, not just one particular feature. Dr, Yu has performed over 25,000 surgeries on Maui! My request to him was a “less tired me”, and not to look like a Kardashian. Follow-up was top-notch – – – and actually, the results were life-changing.

I had more confidence. For some reason, my new look caused me a sort of life re-evaluation and life re-vitalization. 

If something bothers you, don’t feel you need approval or permission from someone else to do something about it. Just “do you”.       – Susan (excerpts from published interview)

I would highly recommend Dr. Yu if you are considering any plastic surgery procedures . . . 

Over a period of 15 years Dr. Yu has been my go-to doctor for various procedures, whether major surgery or non surgical fix ups. His work is excellent, I have no complaints!

– Sandi W. (California)

Dr. Yu is amazing – his attention to detail and the total experience of care was exceptional. I had a face lift and look like I did 15 years ago.                        

He is very modest about expectations but the results are incredible. He’s very skilled and thoughtful and I see why so many of my friends recommended him. Dr. Yu is very meticulous and the staff made the total experience.

He’s the gold standard on the island and Hawaii.

– Sharon C.

Mahalo for sharing your stories! 

(Most names have been changed for confidentiality as per client request).   More to come including full interviews . . .

Thank you!

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