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Dr. Leonard T. Yu’s practice is known for being attuned to each patient’s personal and unique preferences; and achieving a natural and revitalized appearance.  More-than-satisfied clients are the reason why he has performed over 25,000 procedures on Maui.


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 Your Consultation w/ Dr. Leonard Yu

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What to do first


Maybe gather some photos of what you may like or don’t like, and be honest what you would like to change, enhance, or rejuvenate.

 Your consultation with any plastic surgeon should be a trusted conversation with a fully credentialed plastic surgeon who is well-trained, educated at highly regarded institutions, and experienced with Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. 

During your consultation, a reputable plastic surgeon will guide you through the pre-surgery and post-surgery protocols, the risks and realistic expectations of surgery.  

For example, there may be times when a revision is necessary; while this occurrence is rare within Dr. Yu’s 30-year own experience,  revisions are completely within Dr. Yu’s expertise. In fact, he has performed revisions from other plastic surgeons’ previous work, especially for breast implants that were done decades prior. 

Once you may decide to proceed with surgery, Dr. Yu and/or his trained staff will provide more detailed information and/or answer more specific questions, depending on the depth of conversation from the initial consult. Some patients are not sure of surgery during their consult; some are ready-to go.

Dr. Yu is known for his calm and thoughtful manner who does not over-promise.

 In fact, Maui Plastic Surgeon Dr. Leonard Yu is known for   patients whose results have far exceeded their expectations.  

What to lOOK for When considering a Plastic Surgeon:

 Is he/she Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons? A “general surgery” credential is NOT equal to a Plastic Surgery credential.  Nor is being a “cosmetic surgeon” or a dermatologist. 

2. Is surgery taking place in a Quad A facility or hospital?  Quad A credentials requires an ANNUAL accreditation. The protocols required are much more stringent than having a back-up battery which is the bare minimum a patient would expect for surgery.

3. How many surgeries have they performed with this particular procedure?   (This is where #1  becomes evident). Would you have a loved one have heart surgery with any doctor? Or any surgeon who has not performed multiple surgeries in that specialty?

Here’s a deeper dive into the important information: 

 “Most physicians are board-certified in something, but that doesn’t mean they’re all qualified to perform plastic surgery.  ASPS Member Surgeons are trained in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of ALL types, including facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, nose surgery, hand surgery, and more. Lots of health care provider are now performing plastic surgery procedures, but ASPS Member surgeons have at least 6 years of training in surgery, including cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.” – American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)


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