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Dr. Yu’s Philosophy is to Educate, Inform and Empower his patients to make the best decisions about their bodies. Regardless of whether surgery is cosmetic or reconstructive, Dr. Yu’s practice is centered on providing Beautiful, Natural and Long-Lasting Results for surgery of the Breasts, the Body and the Face.


Facial Rejuvenation includes a spectrum of procedures that work to reverse signs of aging and improve facial appearance, creating a rested, youthful and natural appearance to the face, eyes, neck and forehead regions.


Body contouring aims to create a more aesthetic and defined contour to the tummy and flanks, breasts or chest, back, neck, hips, inner and outer thighs, or pubic region.


Seeking a more lifted, perky, youthful profile or those living with discomfort due to large breasts, breast surgery can truly be a transformative, life-altering experience.

Non Surgical Procedures

Today’s non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become accessible and affordable. They also require short healing times and deliver an almost immediate results.

Virtual Consultation

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While a virtual consultation may not establish an exact treatment plan, it will give you the opportunity to ask Dr. Yu any questions you like. In many cases, a simple conversation with Dr. Yu helps patients reach a conclusion about his services or plastic surgery in general.

education and Care

During every consultation, his primary goal is patient education, helping his patients understand the complex world of plastic surgery. To schedule a virtual consultation, please call our office.

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