Otoplasty, or ear pinning, reshapes the ears after they have grown. Kahului plastic surgeon Dr. Yu performs this surgery primarily on children, although it can be done at any time after the ears are grown. The decision to have ear surgery performed on your child is a very personal one. When you choose Dr. Yu’s otoplasty, you can be confident that you’ve chosen a highly skilled surgeon and a surgical team that consistently provides exceptional care and thoughtful attention.



What to Expect During Your Consultation

You will have private, personal consultation with Dr. Yu. During this time, Dr. Yu will realistically discuss your goals with you as you consider ear reshaping plastic surgery. Dr. Yu and you will decide together which procedures Dr. Yu will perform in order to achieve your desired results.

Earlobe repair is a restorative procedure that improves the appearance of enlarged, stretched, or split earlobes. This procedure can be performed in our office.

It is our goal that you are well prepared for your procedure. Prior to surgery, we will ensure all the details are taken care of–consent forms signed, prescriptions filled, pre-op photos taken, payment received, and shopping for supplies complete.

On the day of your surgery, you will simply arrive and receive gentle, compassionate, competent care beginning the moment you walk through the door.

About Otoplasty Plastic Surgery

Maui plastic surgeon Dr. Yu performs ear pinning surgeries under general anesthesia. The incision is hidden behind the ear, where it meets the skull. Dr. Yu will cut away excess cartilage and skin, and then shape the existing cartilage. Finally, he pins the cartilage into place with permanent sutures.

During some ear reshaping plastic surgeries, Dr. Yu doesn’t need to remove cartilage. He simply shapes the ear using sutures. As the ear heals, the cartilage stays in place. Every otoplasty procedure is unique.


Dr. Yu performs earlobe repair as a minor surgical procedure in our office. In most cases, Dr. Yu will carefully cut out the old ear-piercing hole and repairing the ear.

Results of Ear Pinning Cosmetic Surgery

Ear reshaping surgery can bring the ears closer to the head (eliminating “dumbo ears”) and make them smaller. The end result is ears that are more in proportion with the face.

Results of Earlobe Repair Cosmetic Surgery

The natural appearance of your earlobe can be restored. Within a few months, the ear lobe can be pierced again.