Facial Implants

Facial implants can enhance your appearance and bolster your self esteem. If you are looking for improvement, not perfection, in your appearance and are realistic in your expectations, you may find that a facial implant is the right choice for you.

Plastic surgeons will frequently use such implants to bring better balance to the features of a younger patient. For instance, a teenage girl may want her nose reshaped or her chin brought forward so that these traits are better proportioned. The more mature patient may choose to have an implant placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure. For example, during a facelift, a patient may wish to have implants placed over the cheekbones to help restore a more youthful appearance. Implants may also be selected to fill out a face that appears “sunken” or tired.

Procedure Details

About Cheek Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Your cheek enlargement surgery will be performed under anesthesia. Dr. Yu generally completes cheek augmentation surgery in less than 2 hours. He will make the incisions either inside your lower eyelid or your upper lip. Then the cheek implants are inserted and placed directly on your cheekbone. Cheek augmentation implants have different shapes and sizes. Dr. Yu will help you decide which fits your face best.

About Chin Augmentation Plastic Surgery

During the one-hour chin enlargement surgery, you will be under general anesthesia. In order to insert the chin implants, Maui plastic surgeon Dr. Yu will make an incision inside your lower lip or under your chin. Then he will place the implants on top of your jawbone. Implants come in many sizes and shaped–Dr. Yu will help you decide which one is perfect for your face.

About Nose Implant Plastic Surgery

 Nose implants are made of silicone and are available in a variety of sizes. Dr. Yu sculpts the implant to achieve the preferred shape prior to the implantation surgery.

During the nose implant surgery, you will be under twilight anesthesia. In order to insert the nose implant, Maui plastic surgeon Dr. Yu will make an incision along or near your nose. The location will be precise such that scars will be almost unnoticeable. Dr. Yu will place the implant as needed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Before & After Photos

Facial Plastic Surgery Results

You’ll have well-defined cheekbones that balance your face after your cheek implant cosmetic surgery with Dr. Yu. The added volume in your cheeks may even make you look younger!

For nose implant patients your procedure will give you the nose you’ve always wanted. Your face will be more proportionate and balanced and you will have a whole new profile.

After your chin implant gives you the well-defined chin you’ve always wanted. Your face will be more proportionate and balanced, and your weak or sagging jawline will be eliminated, giving you a whole new profile.