Brow Lift


Brow lift plastic surgery can benefit men and women during many stages of their lives. Also known as forehead lift cosmetic surgery, this procedure can elevate drooping eyebrows, making the eyes look larger and more awake. You can look younger with the help of a brow lift. A forehead lift surgery may also improve your vision by getting rid of the excess skin about your eyes


Procedure Details

Your Individual Goals


When you meet to discuss your forehead lift, Kahului plastic surgeon Dr. Yu will explain the details of brow lift (forehead lift) cosmetic surgery and discuss your concerns with you. Dr. Yu always makes sure he understands what you want from this surgery. Together, you will discuss whether any additional facial plastic surgery procedures should be considered. Dr. Yu will create the surgical plan that meets your needs and show you before and after photos of patients that have undergone similar procedures.

The Browlift Procedure

Maui plastic surgeon Dr. Yu can perform a brow lift through small incisions that are hidden in your hairline or in your upper eyelid fold. Pronounced creases and furrows in the forehead are minimized when the tissue and muscle beneath the skin is repositioned.

Recovery from Browlift Surgery

Dr. Yu’s extensive training and experience allow him to perform forehead lift surgeries with speed and accuracy while making careful decisions to customize the procedure to meet your needs. These skills can reduce your recovery time and reduce the chances of complications.