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Maui Nose Implant Plastic Surgery Procedures

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) plastic surgery is intended to create a more attractive nose in better proportion to other facial features. By combining a rhinoplasty with a nose implant, Dr. Yu can help you obtain a nose size and shape that inspires your self-confidence.

Are you concerned about how the shape of your nose detracts from the overall appearance of your face? Have you always wanted a refined nose shape? Board certified Kahului cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yu can help you with nose implant cosmetic surgery. Your nose enhancement procedure will give you more attractive, balanced facial contours. Dr. Yu can help you get the look you want.

When you choose Dr. Yu to perform the nose implant procedure that is right for you, you can have confidence that you’ve chosen a highly skilled surgeon and a surgical team that consistently provides exceptional care and thoughtful attention.

What to Expect During the Consultation Process

When you come in to discuss your nose implant procedure, Kahului plastic surgeon Dr. Yu will listen carefully to your goals and realistically discuss what this procedure can do for you. If necessary, Dr. Yu may recommend additional facial surgeries to help get the look you want and can show you before and after photographs of patients who have undergone similar procedures.

About Nose Implant Plastic Surgery

Nose implants are made of silicone and are available in a variety of sizes. Dr. Yu sculpts the implant to achieve the preferred shape prior to the implantation surgery.

During the nose implant surgery, you will be under twilight anesthesia. In order to insert the nose implant, Maui plastic surgeon Dr. Yu will make an incision along or near your nose. The location will be precise such that scars will be almost unnoticeable. Dr. Yu will place the implant as needed to achieve the best possible outcome.


Dr. Yu’s extensive training and experience allow him to perform surgeries with speed and accuracy while making careful decisions to customize procedures to meet your needs. These skills can reduce your recovery time and reduce the chances of complications.

Maui Nose Implant Results

Your entire face will look and feel different after your nose implant gives you the nose you’ve always wanted. Your face will be more proportionate and balanced and you will have a whole new profile.

Call our Maui plastic surgery office to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yu.